Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top

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The new daily classic – soon in black!

OBS: We're pretty sure this will be a hit, join the waiting list to get advance access. The waiting has now started, the first batch of packs will be made in early-spring 2023! Prices and details are still subject to change.

About The Black Small Fold Top

The black Small Fold Top is a pack that's just right in almost every situation, it'll look equally good whether you're dressed in casual jeans and a t-shirt for leisure or work, smart in a suit for a fancy dinner, or in technical shell exploring your local muddy trails. For some folks might just make this the most multi-purpose color we have. Black is the new black. 

The story of this pack started with a need to design a timeless pack for daily life. The result is an exceedingly comfortable pack, simple enough so that it will continue to be useful even as carrying needs change with time, and made with care in Finland out of the most premium European materials available so that it will last a lifetime.

As a result of two years of design iterations, extensive user testing, and interviews, we've created the quintessential daily pack that has all it takes to become a future classic.

The Design – in depth

The rugged yet classy black Small Fold Top will patinate beautifully developing rustic depth and character over time. The body of the pack is made from the sturdy German SOHRE tannery's vegetable-tanned bovine leather and the folding part is made from the Italian Virgilio tannery's supple and sturdy vegetable-tanned bovine leather.

The excellent carrying ergonomy has been proven comfortable during testing for a wide range of different-sized people. The body and straps of the pack are made from exceptionally sturdy leather from the German SOHRE tannery. The leather of choice takes a couple of weeks to break in and conform to your body, but once it does it fits your body like a glove. The straps are attached to D-rings on top of the pack instead of sowed into the back panel. This makes the straps settle for both narrower and wider-shouldered folks.

The back panel runs through to the bottom of the pack, creating an L-shaped semi-monocoque design. This allows the leather itself to provide support and help distribute the load. As the backpack is packed, the additional internal structure of your gear will help distribute the load further. Combined with wide 50mm leather straps that conform to your body over time, this makes for a leather pack that is exceptionally good to carry.

The included extension strap allows for expanding the capacity of the pack for example on a day trip to the local national park or just getting your daily groceries to fit. The Small Fold Top has two side utility strap attachment points and two front points (the upper front point is the loop between the G-buckle and the handle rivet). Attach whatever you may need to the outside of the pack from outdoor gear to yoga mats or fishing rods.

The carrying handle is placed on top in line with the pack's center of gravity, making the pack easy to carry in narrow spaces. It also makes the pack easy to pick from overhead luggage compartments in trains and planes.

The included detachable recycled felt laptop sleeve is made to fit up to 16" modern laptops. It can also act as padding if you've packed your pack with bulky items.

How does the pre-order work?

The preorder works as an 80€ reservation deposit from the total cost of the pack. The preorder can be canceled within 14 days or turned into a Kasperi gift card of the same value at any time.

When the product is ready and available for finalization we notify you via email so you can finalize your purchase and get the product shipped.


  • A uniquely designed back structure that helps distribute loads evenly
  • 50 mm wide ergonomically shaped shoulder straps that form to the users body over time
  • European Vegetable Tanned leather that gets better over time
  • Carry handle placed on top for easy carrying
  • Detachable felt laptop sleeve for up to 16" modern laptops
  • Two sides and two front attachment points for attaching external gear with utility straps 
  • Extension strap for expandable capacity
  • D-ring loop for keys inside.
  • Special KASPERI marine grade AISI 316 stainless steel G-buckle that keeps your belongings secure


Made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. The frame of the bag is made of german SOHRE tannery’s excellent bovine leather and the folding part is made of Italia Virgilio tannery's vegetable-tanned sturdy but soft black bovine leather. The detachable computer sleeve is made of recycled felt, that's made in Finland. The G-buckles are made out of marine-grade stainless AISI 316 steel. The roller buckles are stainless steel from Sweden. The polyester yarn and rivets come from Italy.

Inside dimensions

Width 29 cm, Height 40-45 cm, Depth 14 cm.

Laptop sleeve: Width 27 cm * Height 37 cm * Depth 3 cm.


18 liters


Hand-made in Finland

Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top
Waiting List – The Black Small Fold Top

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