5th of December: One-of-a-kind small camera bag

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The exquisite small camera bag prototype we made in 2018, was something we started developing together with a partner. That collaboration fell through and we stopped developing it, not because we didn't like it, but because we didn't have the time. This is for sure a unique specimen. 

It will fit a mirror-less camera with a lens or a rangefinder like a Leica. The bag is supplied together with a leather lens cushion. The bag can of course be used for other purposes as well.


Used in prototyping test purposes, in good condition with a few minor scuffs. Waxed by us before shipment. 


Made from high-quality Swedish Tärnsjö tannery’s vegetable-tanned leather.

Inside Dimensions 

Width 22cm, Height 17cm, Depth 9 cm. 


Hand made in Finland

5th of December: One-of-a-kind small camera bag