A4 Shoulder Bag in Tärnsjö Honey Leather

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The mobile office - A compact A4-size Shoulder Bag in Honey leather.

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This edition is so unique we've only made a few of them. We had some Tärnsjö honey leather from the Specials S.01 Fold Top Backpack left that we wanted to use for the A4. We just made a few so we can't really justify calling this a Specials, because it is even more limited. Let's say it is a super limited edition Kasperi!  


Mind you that we've also perfected the A4 and made it for our new buckle. The new buckle is lighter than the L-buckle. If you are into the Kasperi signature L-buckle, you can get it from here. 

Don't let the measures fool you. The A4 is the perfect compact mobile office, that'll let you establish a productive day, wherever you go. It can take most of the new compact laptops (13” and less), a water bottle, and even a slim lunchbox. 

Special KASPERI buckle makes the operation easy and secure and two extra pockets keep small things and modern smartphones organized. 


  • Deep front pockets (x 2)

  • Sturdy 30mm wide and 3 mm thick adjustable shoulder strap with D-ring attachment will make the bag comfortable to carry even fully loaded.

  • Special KASPERI stainless steel buckle

  • Fits a computer the size of the 2018 or newer 13" Macbook Pro or Air. 31cm or less in width. 22cm or less in height. 


Urban, travel


Made from high-quality Swedish Tärnsjö tannery’s vegetable-tanned leather with Kokkolan Tanneries Yak leather for the inside pockets.

Inside dimensions

Width 22,5 cm, Height 31 cm, Depth 5 cm.


Hand made in Finland

A4 Shoulder Bag in Tärnsjö Honey Leather
A4 Shoulder Bag in Tärnsjö Honey Leather
A4 Shoulder Bag in Tärnsjö Honey Leather