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We've joined forces with the Helsinki-based Kaffa Roastery to rediscover what a traditional Finnish Pannucoffee (pot coffee) could be. To celebrate the tradition of pannucoffee we've made a limited edition Pannu & Coffee set that is a perfect way to get started. The Pannukahvi coffee by itself is available directly from Kaffa Roastery's webshop. 

For gathering knowledge, tradition and disseminating information about this traditional way of brewing coffee we've created Head over there to share your stories, and learn more. We also encourage you to tag your moments with #pannucoffee. Together we'll ingnite a new era for pannucoffee. This movement is for everyone –from your friends to local roasteries, we encourage everyone to explore this traditional type of coffee. 
The Pannu & Coffee set includes both the pot with our strap and Kasperi x Kaffa Roastery Pannukahvi -coffee that's specifically made for this traditional method of brewing coffee.

For the pot, we've chosen the trusted 0.8 Liter Muurikka Travel Coffee pot with our natural tan leather strap, for securing the lid and carrying the pot outside your packThe natural tan leather strap will generate a gorgeous patina over time, darkening to an amber-like tone.

For the coffee itself, we went with a blend of Castillo and Caturra variety beans of the arabica family, from the farmers co-operative of San Lorenzo, in Cauca, Colombia after testing various coffeesThe Pannukahvi coffee by itself is available directly from Kaffa Roastery's webshop. 

The San Lorenzo coffee has the spice and depth that a good pannucoffee is known for. Thanks to the medium roast, all of its finest aromas are well preserved and you get to take your pannucoffee experience to the next level.

The raw beans come from the San Lorenzo co-operative in Colombia. There are 1150 farmers or families with coffee farms in the area, each owning about half a hectare of land or 2500 coffee trees. Kaffa has visited the community several times to meet the growers and see their operations.

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Muurikka stainless steel 0,8 liters travel coffee pot with a KASPERI Strap. For cooking the best possible Pannukahvi.

Pannukahvi our interpretation of a perfect pannucoffee made with love together with Kaffa Roastery.  


Pannu & Coffee
Pannu & Coffee
Pannu & Coffee
Pannu & Coffee

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