A Beginner's Guide to Wild Swimming

The benefits of wild swimming are plenty and at Kasperi we’ve noticed them personally as well. Wild Swimming at lakes, ice dips in the sea, and löyly on the sauna benches are all fantastic ways to live your daily life more playfully. If you live next to a body of water, there is not going to be an easier way to do something adventurous right before or after work.

At Kasperi we’ve used our packs for frequenting local public Saunas or going for swims, and if you have a compact enough towel, it’s easy to hang it on the outside. Letting it dry immediately keeps the towel fresh for a long time.


History, science and benefits of cold-water

The human body is made to viscerally react when exposed to the elements. Already in 400 BCE, the ancient Greeks used cold-water therapy for relaxation and healing. Cold-water immersion, through winter swimming, or ice baths stimulate our bodies capability to produce and burn brown fat or (BAT: Brown Adipose Tissue), producing heat in the body and potential other health benefits.

Learning to burn brown fat is how human bodies adapt to colder environments over time. Fishermen on the arctic sea are known to have survived in capsized boats in freezing waters for hours without becoming hypothermic, before the rescue has arrived. While at it’s extreme the effects of cold-water immersion can be transformative, even casual wild swimmers will see a lot of positive effects. Surely modern day wild swimmers, winter swimmers, open water swimmers and ice bathers have noticed their ability to spend time in the cold water, without shivering, increase as they are more exposed to it. Our modern rediscovery of the benefits of cold water ows a lot to the likes of Wim Hof as well, who’ve brought to light the real immune-strengthening effects of cold water.

The joy of outdoor swimming

There’s a lot of mysticism and claims around the benefits of cold water. But to put it simply, our personal experience is that it just feels good. Whether you go on Wild Swimming microadventures or develop a routine in your local urban swimming spot it’s going to feel like a special moment in your day every time. As many who do it will testify there is quite nothing like the shock of the cold and the warmth and joy you feel right after it. The mental health benefits of outdoor swimming do feel tangible. If you know a better way to spice up your week, please do let us know!

Five step guide to get out of the door for your first time cold-water swimming today:

  • Go to a place where you can safely get down and out of the water.
  • Take a towel and a swimsuit. No need for overcomplicating it. Listen to our body, it will tell you later if you need swimming socks, gloves, caps or goggles for longer swims. Or even a Kasperi Small Fold Top and the Lapuan Kankurit towel.
  • Take a couple of deep breaths before entering the water to prepare your mind and body for the shock.
  • Be decisive when you enter the water and try to keep breathing calm. You’ll notice your breath will calm down and the water starts feeling good. Take it slow to let your body get used to it.
  • When you get out. Enjoy the tingling sensation on your skin and the endorphins that take over your body. Dry up and put on warm clothes and enjoy the day!

Taking the experience to the next level with extraordinary linen towel

When we got to know the Lapuan Kankurit linen terry "Meri" towel, it leveled up the experience. Who would have known that a towel can make such a difference? This is no ordinary towel. It's an experience. Absorbent and coarse, it scrubs the skin, further boosting blood circulation – enhancing the benefits of those cold water dips. Made from ecological 70% linen and 30% cotton, this Finnish-made towel is long-lasting, only gets better and more comfortable with use. Just like cold dips and wild swims, you’ll learn to love the coarseness of the towel.

With the Small Fold Top, you'll have ample space for your swimming gear and all your other daily essentials. With the supplied utility straps you'll be able to hang the towel on the outside of your pack to air out after your dip. The swimmer now available both in black and olive & brown.

Whether you're looking to go out swimming long distances on the open water. Take dips between floating ice rafts. Or relax on the benches of a Sauna – with the Wild Swimmer set, you'll take the experience to the next level.