Leather Care

To keep your backpack or bag in the best shape, treat it with leather wax every 2-6 months or when the leather feels dry. Brush and wipe the leather to clean it. Spread a pinch of wax with a cloth on the leather. Avoid too much wax or saturating the bag with wax. Allow the wax to permeate overnight and then polish the remainder off with a cotton or wool cloth.

We recommend using our own leather wax made of beeswax and genuine Finnish wood tar, or just beeswax. Do not use synthetic chemicals or leather sprays.

A Kasperi bag provides good protection against the weather. It doesn't let the water through easily. When it gets wet, just let it dry at normal room temperature and it is good to go. To further weatherproof your Kasperi and keep it in the best shape, treat it from time to time with wax or oil.

Leather wax

Metal Hardware and Care

The Kasperi designed buckles are laser cut and made of high-grade stainless steel for durability that will probably outlast humanity and is infinitely recyclable. The stainless steel buckles and other hardware are maintenance-free.

The steel rivets come from Italy and are coated to slow corrosion down. When you wax your bag or backpack, be sure to cover the rivets with the wax as well, as it protects the steel. The rivets are quickly replaceable and used for reinforcement in high-stress points as well as in places where the replacement of parts can become relevant in the long term. The roller buckles come from Sweden and are made from chromed steel for protection and are maintenance-free.

Kasperi Leather

Wool Care

The cornerstone of wool garment care is airing. Humid days are great for this purpose as the moisture helps the wool fibers expand, and impurities leave the garment.

Remove stains with a damp cloth immediately after staining. Wool can be washed at a constant temperature below 40 °C preferably by hand (optionally a wool washing program) with a detergent suitable for wool.

After washing, squeeze and lay flat to dry. Woolen clothes can accumulate lint over time. Frequent use of a good quality and gentle clothes brush goes a long way at preventing this.