The Leather is chosen for longevity

Leather is our material of choice for its long lasting properties. Thicker leather without linings makes bags last longer and repairs more accessible and durable.

Our main material is 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm full-grain vegetable-tanned European bovine leather. It is sturdy, weather-resistant, and ages beautifully. The leather we use is less processed so the unique features of each hide can be seen. Small marks, scars, and imperfections of each hide make each Kasperi bag unique.

Sustainable tanning

All the leather we use is vegetable-tanned with certified environmentally safe processes, making it some of the finest in the world. The tanneries that Kasperi works with have decades of experience in traditional leather making. The tanning process takes several weeks and involves more than 50 separate stages where special expertise and handcraft skills are called for. The tanneries have very high standards for sustainability, environmental protection, and social responsibility both in raw material acquisition and manufacturing.


Our Leather suppliers:

SOHRE Leder, Germany

Currently, SOHRE is our main supplier of bovine hides for most of our products. It's typically the material of our choice for the frames of our packs.

The bovine hides are sourced from France and tanned using a vegetable-tanning process in both SOHREs own tannery and Germany and using SOHREs recipies by their partner tannery in Spain.Their leather is extremely sturdy and tough, perfect for products that are intended to last for life.

SOHRE Leder has an impressively long experience, using pure vegetable tannins according to a 120 year old recipe of the tannery Krekelberg in Germany.

Virgilio Conceria Artigiana, Italia

We use Conceria Virgilios beautifully crafted and supple bovine leather for the soft parts in our bags, for most of our bags.

The raw material is coming mainly from France and elsewhere in Europe. They’ve been tanning highest-quality leather for the past 60 years. Conceria Virgilio is and artisanal tannery from the town of San Miniato in Tuscany, halfway between the cities of Pisa and Florence, in a region especially known for its leather industry.