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KASPERI bags are practical modern classics that are made to excel in round-the-year, daily use.

Every detail is designed and tested so that KASPERI could make you happy every day and be your trusted companion throughout your life.

KASPERIs are made from durable materials and they are designed to be easy to repair. That gives a KASPERI lifetime of multiple generations. They even get better when they are used, that's rare.

Born from Necessity.

The story of KASPERI started in 2009 from a simple need; a need for a better bag. There was no intention to make commercial success story, just simple practical needs and a gut feeling that it is possible to create something better than the market is offering.

We are here now because others shared our needs and wanted to have something as good as we had.

Our roots are in creating something really good and practical and we intend to keep it that way.

It is in the details

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The Foundation

We want to create our products on good foundation: excellent materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

When ever possible, we source our parts and materials from local suppliers. The leathers we use come from European tanneries with decades of experience. They work in sustainable ways: certified environmentally safe processes, ethical treatment of animals and recycling of waste materials.

Most of our hardware is our design and made from high grade stainless steel, manufactured locally in Finland. The ingredients of the stainless steel we use ensures the highest available resistance for corrosion.

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Our designs come to life when the hands of our virtuous craftsmen and -women turn the perfect materials to excellent products. We have found a great combination of old school masters with vast amounts of silent knowledge and young masters with command of modern production methodologies and tools. We have brought them together to get the best of both worlds and make it happen here in Finland.

Hand Made in Finland

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Make the world better one bag at the time.

In current times when more is not many times enough, we believe that less, but something really good, is more.

The guiding idea behind many aspects of KASPERI products is longevity. We have designed our products to fit the modern needs, but stay current and usable over countless fashion seasons. We have selected our materials to withstand the test of time and even get better in use.

We have made our products to be easily repairable if they ever get broken. And finally when our products are at the end of their journey they decompose gracefully without polluting our nature and seas.

We believe that best way to get something is to get it for life. And if you don't have a need for your KASPERI anymore, let someone else enjoy it. KASPERI will hold its value.