How to take care of your woolen Garments?

Everyone needs one piece of clothing to fall back on in changing weather conditions.

While today woolen sweaters are traditionally used as outer layers in the Nordics and have been used as such for centuries if not millennia making sure to stay dry, warm, and comfortable.

It is no wonder in itself that wool is a popular material even today. Woolen clothes can often be associated with traditions and memories that lead to historical stories and trips of the past.

When you take good care of your woolen clothes, they will serve you and last a lifetime!

Kasperi's tips for caring for your woolen garments

Spring is the perfect time to take care of your woolen clothes that have been in use for a long winter.

  • The cornerstone of wool garment care is airing. Humid days are great for this purpose as the moisture helps the wool fibers expand, and impurities leave the garment.
  • Remove stains with a damp cloth immediately after staining.
  • Wool can be washed at a constant temperature below 40 °C preferably by hand (optionally a wool washing program) with a detergent suitable for wool.
  • Squeeze and lay flat to dry after washing the woolen garment. Don't hang it!
  • Woolen clothes can accumulate lint over time. Frequent use of a good quality and gentle clothes brush goes a long way at preventing this. 
  • Let the wool rest. Store woolen clothes in a clean place where the temperature and humidity are constant.

Kasperi Garments – The ultimate outdoor sweaters

At Kasperi we're passionate about products that are made for life and based on this principle, Kasperi Garments were created.

Kasperi’s founder and designer Janne Suhonen wanted to design a functional and practical sweater for everyday use, where the Raglan sleeve cut improves range of motion and functional fit.

The result was  G.01 Vesikko - the world's first alpaca wool Submariner sweater. The G.01 Vesikko is designed to meet the highest standards of comfort, utility, and durability. The functional fit of the Vesikko, with its Raglan sleeve cut, makes for a sweater that keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable.

“I wear Vesikko in everyday use both at the office and on trips. The special rib knit structure makes for a durable and breathable garment that keeps you warm outdoors and cool indoors.”

The G.04 Lainio is a sweater created for the North that works as well when at the cabin working outdoors or cycle commuting in the city during colder months.

To make this design happen Kasperi joined forces with Alpa, known for their decade-long experience in creating the highest quality pieces out of Alpaca wool. With the soft fibers, Alpaca wool is much less itchy than other wool types.

Instead of seasonal collections, we promise to issue garments that are designed and made to last the test of time.