A New Chapter: The Workshop

From the beginning, Kasperi was born from a passion for making things that last. Good design is design that can be passed down generations.

Thus we announce a new chapter for Kasperi. A new course for our future. A course that strengthens our commitment to crafting long-lasting, versatile products. One that secures the future of Kasperi and the cultivation of a culture of craft.

We are starting our own workshop in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Our Own Production – The Kasperi Workshop

Setting up the workshop in Hämeenlinna is a historic move on a Finnish scale. For decades manufacturing has moved offshore as companies competed on cost and capacity.

That's a world where the idea behind Kasperi was never meant to compete. Instead, we've carved a space of our own. A space where we nurture local craft. Where products are made with heart. Where products are made to last. We want the items we create to make a difference in the lives of their users.

What we've always had is an uncompromising dedication to making this dream a reality. And with our production, we can grow the culture of craft. We can build life-lasting versatile products that have soul. And we can make sure that this story continues.


Setting up the Workshop

We are already well on our way to setting up the Kasperi Workshop. We have signed the contracts with the first craftspeople. We have moved all our materials to our new Workshop and most of the machines are already there. The first test Fold Top has been sewn. 

We're now working hard to get everything ready, and do all the tests in May and June.

First production runs are done in the summer, and our goal is that Workshop is running July. Yet we need to prepare for possible setbacks, or as Finns say – "put ice in the hat". Thus we're setting our sights for the Workshop to be running full time in August and September.

Pre-orders that are already made will be shipped from Hämeenlinna in August. The first batch of new Pre-Orders will be ready for shipping in September.

The Inaugural Series – Available for Pre-Order  

At first our capacity will not meet the demand for Kasperi. The first batches are available to pre-order for a limited time. Once we've booked the September batch, we will start pre-orders for October. We expect the queue to grow for some time before we catch up.

Over time, we aim to have a waiting time of less than one month for Pre-Orders and have some products in stock.

As a thank you for the support we receive from our Pre-Ordering customers, we're including some additions to this premiere.

We offer a set of accessories on the house with the Pre-Orders for a limited time.The inaugural series also features a special emblem to signal the founding of our own workshop and the beginning of this new chapter. Consider it a small celebration of a dedication to quality and local production.

The Journey Ahead

The most exciting thing about this new phase is that with the founding of the Kasperi Workshop we take a leap much closer to our original vision. The vision of cultivating a culture of world class quality craft in Finland.

By producing our backpacks in Hämeenlinna, we secure access to the skilled workers in the area. We are close by at our studio in Helsinki for fast access to the workshop. Our own production secures our capacity to grow. It guarantees our ability to maintain the highest standards of quality and durability.

Along the way, we worked with a dozen highly skilled craftspeople. We want to take this moment to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have participated in the story of Kasperi. Their friendship and dedication have made it possible to get to this point.

Our greatest gratitude goes to you, our customers, for supporting us as we explore this story. By choosing Kasperi, you choose a world of timeless design, local craftsmanship, and durability. You choose a world where items are valued not only for the function they provide, but for the stories they tell. 

We invite you to follow our progress and be part of our story. 

P.S. We are looking for skilled craftspeople and artisans to join us at the Workshop in Hämeenlinna. If you feel a calling to join a mission like ours, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch!