Our Background

”KASPERI was born out of the need for high quality, functional, durable and stylish products for everyday use.”


KASPERI’s founder and main designer Janne Kasperi Suhonen was disappointed to the quality of bags available on the market at that time. Janne is photographer by the profession and was constantly hauling heavy photography equipment around the city by bicycle. He had already returned three times a premium brand messenger bag with a 5 years of warranty as it lasted only one and half years at a time and decided to design something better for himself.


After lot of trial and error, testing with different materials and different production partners the first KASPERI bag, the “Shoulder Bag, Large” was ready. It was meant to be just one-off bag for Janne’s personal use.

When Janne’s friends and other people he met saw the bag they immediately wanted to have something as good. From there KASPERI’s story started to expand. First came the different sizes for the shoulder bag, then new features like the handle and then people started to ask bags for special purposes: camera bag, DJ bag, Brompton bag, ...

KASPERI range has evolved to contain products for general use and for other specific needs. Following Nordic design tradition aesthetics and functionality combine in every KASPERI product.

KASPERI is a local company with global markets. Born in Finland where great design and engineering meet down-to-earth handcraft tradition. We use local materials and craftsmanship so we can guarantee the quality and ethics of our products.

The cornerstones of KASPERI quality are design, manufacturing and materials. The design gives product it’s aesthetic and utility values, the manufacturing and materials guarantee that customers can enjoy those values for a long time, even a lifetime.

Design & Testing

KASPERI designs are driven by Nordic ideals of everyday functionality.

Every detail in a KASPERI product has been thought through carefully to have a meaning in day-to-day use of the product. Every detail is designed to serve a purpose. We value Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” :)

Most of KASPERI products are designed to be multi purpose: the features that make a good cycling bag help also when commuting with public transport, the camera bag can be used as a general bag by taking the padding off and the DJ bag is good for teachers who carry lot of books and papers.

Between the functional features there is room for artistic expression and for that KASPERI aims for the modern but respects the traditional feel and matches the timelessness of our excellent materials.

Our design supports the long lifetime of our products.

For example our bags doesn’t have a lining that could chafe broken. Materials are selected for their durability and reinforced materials and stitchings are used in parts exposed to abrasion and strain.

One of our unique features is that KASPERI bags’ construction is designed to be repairable. A skilful shoemaker can fix the stitching without special equipment if the stitchings ever wear out, the materials will last.

To be sure we can stand behind our products, all the KASPERI designs are extensively tested for usability and durability by external testers before going into production. We also listen the feedback from our customers and if there is something doesn’t work despite the testing we improve it.


KASPERI products are manufactured in the heart of Finland in Sastamala and Forssa by grown up men and women.

Sastamala is small town in Southwestern Finland, east of Tampere. It used to be a center Finnish bag making in the old days and still has people left with expertise and silent knowledge needed to make high quality bags.

The high quality leather hides come to manufacturing shop where they are cut to exact measures by skilful hands with years of experience.

Unique KASPERI buckles come from nearby metal shop where they are cut from high quality stainless steel with laser, finished by hand to have just right details and specially treated for a subtle shining smooth surface.

Leather parts and hardware are then assembled to complete products by the same skilful hands with care, pride and decades of experience.

KASPERI’s workshop is most definitely not a sweatshop even though the workers might sweat a little during the hard work. :)



KASPERI bags are made of thick full grain vegetable tanned leather.

The main material is Scandinavian bull and cow leather. In some models we use also excellent yak leather sourced from Mongolia and vegetabletanned in Finland.

The full-grain leather is made from the best top part of the hide. The full-grain leather is tough, has a natural organic look and ages beautifully.

Because the full-grain leather is less processed and minimal coating has been used the unique features of each hide can be seen. Small marks, scars and imperfections of each hide make each KASPERI bag unique.

All the leathers we use are vegetable tanned with high quality environmentally safe processes, making them one finest in the world.

The tanneries that KASPERI works with have over 100 years of experience in traditional leather making. The tanning process takes several weeks and involves more than 50 separate stages where special expertise and handcraft skills are called for. The tanneries have very high standards for sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility both in raw material acquiring and manufacturing.

Read more about materials, their origins and care from Materials and care

Made For Life

The guiding idea behind many aspects of KASPERI products is longevity.

In current times when more is many times not enough, we believe that less, but something really good, is more.

We have designed our products to fit the modern needs, but stay current and usable over countless fashion seasons.

We have selected our materials to withstand the test of time and even get better in use.

We have made our products to be easily repairable if they ever get broken.

And finally when our products are at the end of their journey they decompose gracefully without polluting our nature and seas.

We believe that best way to get something is to get it for life.

The quality, functionality and the heart & soul put into every KASPERI is something you cannot get from anywhere else.