A counterstrike to Black Friday

The black sheep of fashion is a joint campaign by a group of Finnish design brands. We came together to create a counterstrike to Black Friday when all the big advertisers invade the internet. 

During Black Friday digital advertising costs skyrocket and the voices of small brands drown in the roar of the big ones. This year it is more important than ever! Whatever you do, you can't go wrong with supporting your local, instead of the massive internet companies like Zalando, global fast-fashion chains like H&M, malls, or online megamarts like Amazon. 

Twelve Finnish Fashion brands offer campaign benefits or services during the campaign weekend. Purchase your Christmas gifts, whether they are garments, backpacks or bags, this weekend from small businesses.

The campaign was organized by Myssyfarmi and the collaborating brands are Arela, Formal Friday, Frenn, Hálo, Lovia, Myssyfarmi, Nomen Nescio, Saint Vacant, Sasta, Tauko, Terhi Pölkki, Alpa and Vestiarium. This year it is more important than ever! Take a look at their offers here.

Promoting responsible consumption

We at Kasperi wanted to use this opportunity to promote responsible consumption. Black Friday is about impulse purchases, and for the sake of our environment that needs to stop. Instead, we want to make trying before you buy, the norm. That is why, during the campaign from Fri 20th – Sun 22nd of November we offer our backpacks and bags for a one week-long test period for free. Normally our rental service goes at a rate of 25€ per week, yet we want to help customers make more deliberate shopping choices by trying before they buy.

Customers get a further incentive to try before they buy as they will get a 25€ discount from future purchases if they try before they buy. Thus, the value you get out of trying before you buy is up to 50€, if you, in the end, decide you do want to get a Kasperi. But you might as well come to the conclusion that our pack is not for you, you'll lose nothing and that's fine by us. We much rather see our customers make deliberate purchases than promote impulse purchasing...

As there are a limited number of test bags and backpacks available, all free orders will be treated as reservations, and we will approach you via email to book a test week for your Kasperi. So what are you waiting for, you've got nothing to lose.

We'd absolutely love to make this into a global offer, but for logistical reasons we are not there yet. We are however expanding the availability to Finland instead of Helsinki only.