Going back to the roots - to build the future

As some of you guys know, the roots of Kasperi are intertwined with
bicycle commuting.

Perfect match. Pelago Sibbo and KASPERI Pelago Shoulder Bag in Buzzards Bay 14.

Cycling is an aesthetic, fast, efficient and healthy way to get around. Yet carrying your daily belongings, while considering the aesthetics of cycling was cumbersome.

At that time, the products available in the market were not functional enough, durable enough or good looking enough to handle the task at play. While the available bags could handle a quick commute, i.e. they were not stylish enough for dinner at a nice restaurant after a long day. In other words, they did not make us feel better while we were going about our routines. They could not handle the whole job. That is where Kasperi takes over.


Orginal KASPERI Pelago Shoulder Bag.

While on our mission to create a timeless, versatile and durable product, it was a tall order to create a high-end brand from zero. To achieve success we needed partners who believed in the same values as we did. That is when a local Helsinki born bicycle brand, Pelago Bicycles came into the picture.

Our first collab was the KASPERI "Pelago", a signature briefcase style shoulder bag, in a classic design. The Kasperi Pelago was and is a homage to the elegance of cycling and has cycling specific features from our Original shoulder bag. While both Pelago and Kasperi have matured, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such a great company.

To celebrate our long-lived collaboration with Pelago, today we are launching four exclusive KASPERI's made for Pelago. The collection consists of a re-imagined Pelago shoulder bag with the new latches, and A4 shoulder bag and the new Kasperi Laptop sleeve. All models come in the honey-colored leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. As these are exclusive models for Pelago, they are only available through the Pelago store and online shop.

Like all KASPERI bags, the exclusive models for Pelago conform to your unique shape and become part of you and your daily life.

Limited edition of co-branded Pelago x KASPERI Shoulder Bag in honey color.