A lifelong investment now available via Klarna

Making sustainable products more accessible - now via Klarna Slice It

At Kasperi we're constantly thinking of ways to make durable design accessible to more folks. For example, we've previously created a rental service for those who want to try out our bags before purchasing.

We believe that consumer financing makes sense only when the product you will be buying is longer lasting than you would otherwise buy. Used in this way, consumer financing can empower people to make better long term choices, both for the environment and their wallet. This is why we are providing an option to pay with instalments via Klarna.
Kasperi Fold Top Backpack

Get your Kasperi with installments.

Our products are of superior quality manufactured from top-tier materials, sustainably and locally in Finland - which means they are valuable. While they are absolutely excellent value for what you're getting, it is still an investment. Many of our customers who want to buy more durable and lasting equipment, save up money for a while before getting a Kasperi.

With Klarna Slice it, there is a way to spread the cost of the product over a longer period. In general, we think financing products is a good idea if it is for investing in something that lasts time or gets extensive use. Now with Klarna we are making it accessible to more people to buy a bag or backpack that can last for a lifetime and has a repair service available.

How it works

To see your payment options for instalments with Klarna, you need to add the product to the cart and proceed to checkout. On the last page of the checkout, you have an option to select Klarna Slice it. The browser will then redirect to Klarna's page to display you the options available.

Klarna Slice it is currently available for our customers in Finland, Germany and Austria. We are expecting to expand its availability within this year to more locations, for inquiries do not hesitate to get in touch.