Meet Palo Adventures - turning dreamers into doers

The outdoors are for life

Many outdoor brands present a superhuman narrative - on accomplishing extreme feats on the lightest and most high-tech gear. The imagery sure can be inspirational but intimidating as well. At Kasperi we create products that promote getting out more to explore your surroundings. Our products are not for extreme feats, but for enjoying life, nature, and community.

It is in the core of Kasperi to make exploring more accessible on an everyday basis. While ski touring and freeriding is often associated with extreme sports, in Lapland a daytour with the right guide who takes the correct precautions is something anyone can learn to do. Henna's story is so aligned with our own philosophy of making it easier and less intimidating to get out there that we wanted to share her story here. 

On our trip to Lapland, we spent a day hanging out, skiing, and splitboarding with Henna Palosaari. Henna is a guide and the founder of Palo Adventures, a member of Taivasalla - a women's outdoor community. 

Henna's story was so aligned with our own philosophy of making getting out there easier and less intimidating that we wanted to share her story here.

A journey to passion for the outdoors 

Henna realized that finding her own inner fire for the outdoors was not a specific moment, instead, it was a journey. This journey later spread into a broader passion for the outdoors and more specifically freeriding. 

The journey started when a friend first introduced her to the basics of freeriding. After this she found a couple of friends through a snowboard instructor school to go with on a more consistent basis. In 2018 Henna moved to Queenstown New Zealand, found a community of snowboard bums, and spent her days splitboarding and enjoying life. This is when she realized that this is something she can’t live without. It was that journey of getting an opportunity to try something new, getting better at it, and finding a community that lit her inner fire! 

A couple years later back home in Finland she met with other women who loved the outdoors and together they formed Taivasalla. Taivasalla is an outdoor community, a source of information and inspiration for women who have a love for the outdoors. “Many of us know how it feels like when you find something fun you’d like to start doing but your friends may not be into the same. It’s often difficult to find like-minded people when you're starting out with a new hobby.” -explains Henna. The point of Taivasalla is to make it easier for women to try out new things outdoors, find friends and get out there. 

Starting Palo Adventures

Her newest endeavor - Palo Adventures aims to help people find their “Palo” (Finnish for inner fire) for the outdoors. Palo Adventures does that with the help of a series of experiences, directed by Henna’s own experience. She takes people of all skill levels out on splitboarding and gravel cycling adventures. She also hosts specific events for women, with the aim to lower the barrier for women to discover their passion outdoors. 

Inclusive outdoor culture, a passion for the outdoors does not discriminate. "Some folks are just less exposed to the outdoors and at Palo, I want to make it easy for anyone to come, discover and meet new people without any prerequisites. Half of the adventures themselves are the people you go with. Henna wants to help folks from all different backgrounds to find their outdoor passion. 

Check her website out to find an adventure for yourself.