Video: Pannu & Coffee

Watch the video about the meaning of Pannucoffee 

Pannucoffee is the 'de facto', original way of brewing coffee across the world – with slight cultural variations to the method depending on the area. In it’s essence, it’s boiling hot water and ground coffee – brewed in a Pannu -pot.

Together with Kaffa Roastery our mission is to reinvigorate and bring the lost art of pannucoffee back. For that mission we've made an online portal – and #pannucoffee for sharing experiences, distributing tips and gathering knowledge about pannucoffee. 

For your outdoor coffee adventures we've created a Pannu & Coffee set together with Kaffa Roastery, including one of the first specialty pannucoffees in the world. The set is available through us, and the coffee itself, through Kaffa Roastery.

Upon coffee’s introduction in Europe, most coffee drinking nations rushed to find new ways to brew the coffee, and while new coffee culture was created, they forgot something unique in the process.

Up here in the north Pannucoffee was the nr. 1 method of making coffee until the 1970s. Nowadays most often it's made on an open fire and the simplicity, rich full-bodied taste, and centuries of folklore make #pannucoffee the ultimate coffee for the outdoors.

An inseparable part of the pannucoffee is the experience of making it. There is really no one right way to brew in a pannu, and the environment is as much a part of it as the recipe. However, there are elements that improve any coffee, such as a clean pannu, clean water, and high-quality, fresh coffee. The rest is up to individual taste and personal touch.

Make coffee. Enjoy life. Leave no trace.