Story of KASPERI

”KASPERI was born out of the need for high quality, functional, durable and stylish products for everyday use.”

KASPERI’s founder and main designer Janne Kasperi Suhonen was disappointed to the quality of bags available on the market at that time. Janne is photographer by the profession and was constantly hauling heavy photography equipment around the city by bicycle. He had already returned three times a premium brand messenger bag with a 5 years of warranty as it lasted only one and half years at a time and decided to design something better for himself.

After lot of trial and error, testing with different materials and different production partners the first KASPERI bag, the “Shoulder Bag, Large” was ready. It was meant to be just one-off bag for Janne’s personal use.

When Janne’s friends and other people he met saw the bag they immediately wanted to have something as good. From there KASPERI’s story started to expand. First came the different sizes for the shoulder bag, then new features like the handle and then people started to ask bags for special purposes: camera bag, DJ bag, Brompton bag, ...

KASPERI range has evolved to contain products for general use and for other specific needs. Following Nordic design tradition aesthetics and functionality combine in every KASPERI product.

KASPERI is a local company with global markets. Born in Finland where great design and engineering meet down-to-earth handcraft tradition. We use local materials and craftsmanship so we can guarantee the quality and ethics of our products.

The cornerstones of KASPERI quality are design, manufacturing, and materials. The design gives the product it’s aesthetic and utility values, the manufacturing, and materials guarantee that customers can enjoy those values for a long time, even a lifetime.