The Backpack Library – A service for trying a Kasperi

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest project, The Backpack Library! This is a real world backpack testing program that allows you to loan our backpacks and use them in your own life. 

The Library is available now in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. You can loan a Kasperi before the library travels to new locations! If you're interested in loaning one but the backpack is unavailable in your location, please drop us a line over here or subscribe to the waiting list over at the Library page. 

We've always wanted to provide people the opportunities to experience and use our backpacks before making a decision. We also believe that the history and stories embedded into durable items that are used for decades make them more special! 

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A real world backpack testing program – free of charge*

Feel how the pack keeps getting better with use, developing a beautiful, unique patina and a comfortable fit of worn leather. Each pack has its own personality and story, crafted by all the people who’ve had it as a companion.

We started to experiment with the idea of circulating backpack already in 2019, which evolved into a rental service, which evolved into a try before you buy service for our Finnish customers. This evolved into the "Traveling Packs" project in which backpacks travelled the world with journals being used by different people for a few months at a time. The feedback of the concept was great and we wanted to make it more accessible and get these packs to truly travel around.

The public library institution in Finland has evolved over the past two decades into an institution that not only makes books accessible but feeds the curiosity and creativity of people in new ways with maker spaces, items, and tools. Inspired by the re-imagining of the library concept, we wanted to create our own homage to the library institution. The Backpack Library.

*The loans are free of charge besides the 5€ shipping cost.

Available for a limited time only!

The Library is available now for a limited time in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Loan a Kasperi before the library travels to new locations!

The Backpack Library is a project that experiments with the journey of items and the stories that are created in them. We dream of a world where items are made to last and cherished for life, a world where stories get passed on together with the item, for other people to find joy in them. By showing how that feels, we hope this project will help set the items in our lives into a longer term perspective.

To be a part of this project and get to test a Kasperi make sure to loan a Kasperi Now!