The G.04 Lainio – designing the ultimate outdoor sweater

The G.04 Lainio – is a sweater created for the North. The Lainio’s design is informed by the varying conditions of the fells, and fjords of northern Scandinavia. From the calm primeval forests in the valleys to the frigid windward side of the arctics' ancient wavy round mountains – the fells. In these conditions, quick adjustments in body heat are necessary to ensure you'll stay dry, warm and comfortable. The result is a sweater that works as well when at the cabin working outdoors. Or cycle commuting in the city during colder months.

But here is what makes this sweater beat the rest. Alpaca wool offers exceptional non-itching warmth, thermal and moisture regulation qualities. We chose it's 7mm thickness rib-knit for it's durability and balance of breathability with warmth under varying conditions. The whitetail deerskin shoulder and elbow patches reinforce stress points to help this garment last for life. The fit is designed to be functional with a raglan cut, to keep sweater sitting close to your body to keep the drafts away from your skin. The unique double-collar is a versatile neckwarmer so you won't need a separate scarf, the collar can also be raised up to protect the back of your head and cheeks from windchill. The extra-long zipper allows for effective ventilation of the chest and neck for example when climbing up a hill. All of these features make this swater a great active outer layer or a super insulating mid-layer.

For making this design happen we joined forces with Alpa, known for their decade-long experience in creating the highest quality pieces out of Alpaca wool. The G.04 Lainio is made by Alpa at their high-tech knitting factory in Lithuania out of ethically sourced Peruvian alpaca wool. At Kasperi we've been collaborating with Alpa using their alpaca wool crewnecks for over three years. We've used these sweaters in all conditions from the fells up north in Lapland to the sea and fell in love with alpaca wool's exceptional non-itching warmth, thermal and moisture regulation qualities.

The Lainio is an extraordinarily versatile sweater that gives warmth and comfort as active outerwear. A sweater that blocks wind while ensuring ventilation, breathability, and moisture management while you're active. The deerskin shoulder and elbow patches mean you won't have to worry about durability as the most stressed points are reinforced. Used as a mid-layer, this sweater will keep you warm even in the coldest of weather.

Kasperi Garments – A permanent wardrobe

At Kasperi we're passionate about products that are made for life. The nordic functional design heritage has its roots in the efficient use of resources. Up here in the North, the population was largely self-sufficient until the mid-20th century. Thus materials and usable income were sparse, items were seen as investments and had to have the highest utility and durability.

At Kasperi we've chosen to focus on making garments instead of fashion. To consider fit through the lens of function. To make pieces out of materials that are versatile and last.

A quality item is a piece with high utility, that is durable and repairable. We pledge to issue garments that are designed and refined over time. Kasperi Garments is about creating a permanent wardrobe with the highest utility, durability, and repairability.

True classics are made when items are used long and extensively by their users. True classics are known as Garments – for life.