Video: The spell of Lapland

We could spend years exploring the marvellous fells and magical primeval forests of Lapland. There’s something permanent about these landscapes. Yet at the same time it is all so delicate. 

The oldest fells of Lapland formed 2 billion years ago, making them among the oldest mountain ranges in the world. By comparison, the European Alps formed around 65 million years ago. It has been the work of erosion and time that has chewed and sanded these dreamy landscapes from the formerly towering alp-like mountain range.

As we descend below the treeline, the soft powder snow of the midwinter creates wondrous landscapes in the primeval forest. Tykkylumi is Finnish for the mesmerizing crown snow-loads that accumulate in trees in Lapland. A spruce can support 3-4 tonnes of snow on its branches. 

We might take it for granted that these shapes will continue to be here, long after humans are gone. We're in luck that right now much of the environment we see here is protected as national parks. We just need to make sure it stays that way.