Try before you buy - we reimagined our rental service


All brands have a responsibility to help their customers make more deliberate and sustainable purchases. Buying products makes sense only if you know they will be used and will last.

With that in mind, two years ago we started a product rental service. Many of you who rented from us said you wanted to try and make sure that this was the right thing for you. That was great but not enough people were getting utility out of the service. 

We want to encourage our customers to put the rental into its real intended environment and real intended use whether it rains, snows or shines. Whether that's a week of daily commutes, a hike in the local trails or a fly-fishing trip to Lapland. A weeks trip to your chosen destination will be the best way to clear up any question you have about the product and help you make more deliberate and sustainable purchases.

We want it to be a no-brainer to try so that's why we're launching a voucher for all renters! With the voucher you get the value of your rent back as a discount code. You can use the voucher for buying anything in our shop. We want to encourage more people to try before they buy, and to make more deliberate purchases.