#yhdessäkauppaa - A campaign to support local brands during this unprecedented time

COVID-19 has had and will continue to have a hard toll on many local brands over several following uncertain months. Online sales have become indispensable for everyone, and for some it is more difficult to drive sales online than to others.

#yhdessäkauppaa is a joint effort campaign to help Finnish local brands survive the hardships during COVID-19. Local brands challenge each other to take part in the campaign for mutual support.

How #yhdessäkauppaa works

FRENN challenged us to take part in the #yhdessäkauppaa-campaign by offering a free shirt for the five first customers to buy a Kasperi Backpack Large in brown colour. Once you order the designated product from us, you will get to choose a FRENN shirt for free on the FRENN webshop or store with a code that we supply to you.

We, in turn, support Alpa by giving a free KASPERI Wallet in Black to ALPAs five next customers. We especially love their Crew Neck Sweaters! ALPA announces the start of its own campaign on its website  alpaknitwear.com

The campaign is on, pay it forward!

Other shops and brands to support during COVID-19

Chapeau to Sasta and Saint-Vacant to have started the #yhdessäkauppaa campaign together with FRENN! Saint-Vacant makes fantastic leather shoes and with Sasta you can gear yourself up for the next adventure in the local wilderness!

And please don’t forget to pay a visit to Suutari Erving for fixing your shoes. Now is a good time to get your shoes fixed to make sure one of the best shoemakers in town stays alive and well. For your imported goods, Pinkomo has the best raw denim jeans and leather shoes collection in Helsinki.