Video: Touring on Ice

Being in the nature and the outdoors has always been a defining part of our lives, but this year it has been even more dominant. The past winter has been gracious and generous with snow and ice for those of us living in the Nordics. With the short days we have here in the north during the winter months, snow and ice brightens everything with light and winter activities.

This year at Kasperi we found a new winter activity. One that has blown us away with the experiences, curiosity and learnings it has brought with it.

Tour skating or Nordic skating, is skating on natural ice, on the sea and lakes. As the ice is by nature temporary this often happens during a limited window of possibility. This winter we've been very lucky, sometimes the perfect circumstances in a specific location only last for a day or even less. This makes scouting and exploring for the perfect black ice conditions a big part of tour skating. 

We're still beginners but it has already got us hooked. With this year's season at its end we are already looking forward to the next one. Learning about the ice, through others, theory and experience has been a fascinating and humbling journey. Next season practicing falling through ice and, more importantly getting out, will definitely be on our list! 

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