Why are we so often out of stock? – Growth on our own terms

Every once in a while we get the question that why are we so often out of stock. It is true that as a result of our model we sometimes run out of products to sell. We recently did with our best seller the Fold Top, which is now available for preorder. We also always do with our limited production run Specials line of products.

At Kasperi we commit to creating a company that’s able to drive change towards more sustainable consumption. This means creating products that set an example. Products that change our attitudes towards consumption, our habits, and ultimately - our lives. Yet growing towards that goal certainly comes with its challenges. 

Here are some reasons for why we work like we do.

Staying independent - growth on our terms

The product design and businesses of today have a responsibility to engage with foundational concepts. Concepts like sustainable material sourcing, durability, repairability, and sustainability. It takes more effort and resources to do things the proper way, but it is a necessity. Especially since we strive to create the heritage of tomorrow. Pieces that become genre-defining classics for their utilitarian design and lasting materials.

A basic precondition for creating a business that we can with a good conscious call sustainable – is staying independent. This means not being under the authority of return-seeking investors. Not being thrown around by the demands of product margins in traditional retail. Not compromising quality at a time of rapid growth. And not following seasonal trends. 

Independence means sticking to our principles. It means quality before cost. It means slowing down when production is overheating. It means losing revenues and profits at those times. It means creating timeless pieces that last for generations.

While it’s possible to find impact investors with similar values, too often capital values scalability over sustainability. 


In small batches we trust - Developing local manufacturing

We make class-leading products in repairability, durability, and utility. We take pride in crafting our products with the utmost care and attention. By making products in small batches, we have the resources to stay in control of our design and manufacturing processes.

In practice, this means doing things locally. Local manufacturing is not cheaper but it has significant advantages. Proximity improves quality by improving our ability to work with prototypes. I.E. it has been invaluable to get to the workshop in an hour. Many of the solutions we've developed would've been impossible otherwise.

Small runs release resources into R&D, creating unique items and experimenting more. Small batches enable experimentation with material choices and designs. It makes limited unique editions of our products possible. 

Kasperi Specials is a culmination of this idea. During the 10 years of developing local manufacturing, we've learned that small special runs are the best learning experiences. It's an effective way for developing local manufacturing. For us Kasperi Specials gives the freedom to create unique products with less restraints. We don't have to have certainty of long-term business viability, it frees us to think more creatively. 

We encourage other companies to create lines of products that are made with ambitious ideals.  These kinds of projects help companies come up with the solutions of tomorrow. They spur innovation, whether that is in developing better local manufacturing supply chains, more sustainable products or testing new business models.

We present the Specials S.04 natural whitetail Fold Top

The Specials S.04 is our second Fold Top made out of whitetail deer skins. It is now available for pre-order and deliveries are expected for May. The natural tan leather has no coloring agents whatsoever, yet it takes the potential for developing patina and personality to a new level. Over time this pack darkens to an amber like tone, guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. While all of our packs get plenty of compliments from friends and strangers, this one really mesmerizes some folks – especially once it has aged a bit. Most Kasperis age like a premium french vintage wine, steady and stable. This one ages like an unorthodox wild fermented biodynamic champagne – with unique patina that’ll be sure to mesmerize.