Video: KASPERI Puukko - Crafted by Roselli

Watch the video from manufacturing the Puukko. Crafted by Roselli – in Harmoinen, Finland.

This is our take on the Puukko, the original multitool. 

In finnish tradition, the skill of using a puukko in versatile ways safely is not only useful but also a great source of joy. The puukko is used for absolutely everything, in a way it can be seen as the original multitool. Back in the day it was used for preparing a fire, carving, making shelters for the night, preparing a meal and eating.

In creating the Kasperi Puukko, we didn't want to just create another knife. We wanted create a tool to cultivate wilderness skills. With thought out details that serve towards that vision, the Kasperi Puukko is true to the utilitarian spirit of its class.


Designed for utility – Crafted for life

Roselli's signature Ultra High Carbon steel keeps the edge sharp like no other. The shaped handle is made out of stained curly birch and treated with linseed oil for a firm grip even when wet. The burly 4mm thick blade and the full tang structure make this knife uniquely equipped to handle rougher tasks with ease.  Our custom sheath made out of vegetable-tanned leather protects the blade and lets you hang the Puukko safely on your belt. The firesteel that’s housed on the sheath makes the Kasperi Puukko a valuable tool for creating a fire. 

Making a fire – A skill to cherish

The Firesteel is housed in the custom sheath along with the Puukko. The Firesteel is a tool with which you can create sparks for creating a fire. The firesteel is used with the backside of the knife to strike sparks on a prepared “primer” tinder - for example, dry birch bark that is rasped with a knife to create a flammable kindling. Once you get the kindling ignited, it is gradually fed with larger sticks until you have a campfire. The Roselli Firesteel attaches to the Kasperi custom made knife sheath. 

Kasperi x Roselli

At Kasperi we believe the things we produce should last for life. Items should cultivate a special connection with their users. After the popular collaboration in 2020 with Roselli - we came together to create the second edition of the Explorer Set.

In our 2022 collaboration, we also created the Kasperi Puukko, our vision of the quintessential Finnish utility knife paired with a Firesteel, crafted by Roselli.