Kasperi x Roselli: The Explorer Set - a collaboration for life

The world is full of expendable products that create no special connections with their owners. The things we produce should last a lifetime and create wonderful memories. Kasperi and Roselli - therefore came together to create a very limited edition The Explorer Set that will prepare you for life off the beaten path. 

A World Premiere:     
Kasperi x Roselli

Earlier this year Kasperi and Roselli found out that we shared the same values of consuming less and buying better. Kasperi who was born out of a passion for leather backpacks and bags, and Roselli a bespoke Finnish manufacturer of unique outdoor knives and axes came together to explore whether we could combine our products and develop something exclusive together.  

Because of our similar values a collaboration was born that resulted in The Explorer Set. We believe that good design should be able to be passed on for generations. Roselli shows that with the world's hardest steel that has taken decades to perfect, and Kasperi proves it with their repairable and remarkably durable structures that are made to last for life. This set is guaranteed to only get better with time. 

A piece of true grit - for life

The purpose of this collaboration is to create a set that feels more like a piece. A piece that is a manifest to the journey of a quality item. From the hands of the craftsmen and women to when you finally decide to pass it on to someone deserving. Between that journey, fit countless memories. Breaking in the leather. Starting a fire with the firesteel. Sharpening the blades of the knives. And waxing the leather of the pack. A piece that combines bespoke hand-craft with functional design. A piece of gear that grows a spirit of its own.

The Explorer Set will create countless memories outdoors and already has its own history through art and craftsmanship. It is the perfect combination of bespoke hand-craft and functional design. 

Included in the Explorer set: 

  • Kasperi Fold Top Backpack from Whitetail deer and bovine leather w/ two utility straps for attaching the axe.
  • Roselli Heimo 4" knife with stained curly birch handle and Kasperi custom knife sheath.
  • Roselli Axe with short, stained curly birch handle and Kasperi custom axe sheath.
  • Roselli Firesteel with stained curly birch handle. 

The explorer set is a collection of items that will last for a lifetime, made for unforgettable moments outdoors. A set you will pass on through generations.