Kasperi x Roselli – Axe

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The Kasperi x Roselli Axe – a versatile tool for your adventures

When we first launched the Explorer Set back in 2020, we created with it a limited edition of Kasperi x Roselli's Axe combined with a bespoke sheath made by us. The Axe was designed for attaching to the side of the Fold Top -backpack. Now with its new ergonomic handle, this axe is an even more effective tool for splitting wood in the field, camping, or at your cottage weekend getaway. 

The wide blade angle prevents the axe from getting stuck, and in addition to woodcutting, the sharp blade has a great grip for whittling as well. The Axe comes with a Kasperi custom-made Cognac-brown SOHRE Tanneries vegetable-tanned leather sheath to protect the edge. The axe handle is made from birch and is stained and coated with linseed oil to ensure a firm grip, even when wet.


The Axe – a versatile companion 

  • The shaped handle is made out of birch and treated with linseed oil for a firm grip even when wet.
  • The wide blade angle and sharp edge make this axe an effective wood splitting tool that won't get stuck.
  • The Carbon steel keeps its edge sharp.
  • Our custom sheath made out of vegetable-tanned leather protects the blade.
  • The Axe handle length is made to attach to the Kasperi Fold Top with a pair of utility straps. 

Materials and origins

    The Axe

    • Steel: carbon steel, hardness 60 HRC
    • Handmade in Finland by Roselli
    • Blade length: 90 mm
    • Total length: 350 mm
    • Weight: 720 g
    • Handle: stained birch

    The Sheath

    • Vegetable-tanned leather from SOHRE, Germany
    • Handcrafted in Finland
    Usage instructions

    How to take good care of your Axe to make it last for life?

    For corrosion protection, drying and oiling the blade frequently is best practice. By keeping your blade clean and oiled, you'll make sure the blade will stay sharp and strong for ages. Carbon steel stays sharp for a long time, yet small rocks on chopping surfaces can cause small dents to the blade. To avoid blade deformation make sure to clean the surfaces between the blade and the wood. If damage does occur can be refurbished easily by a knife smith or by sending the Axe to Roselli's included lifetime sharpening service

    This product includes Roselli's lifetime sharpening service. So in case your blade needs refurbishing, just ship the product, and Roselli will take care of it!



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    Kasperi x Roselli – Axe
    Kasperi x Roselli – Axe
    Kasperi x Roselli – Axe
    Kasperi x Roselli – Axe
    Kasperi x Roselli – Axe
    Kasperi x Roselli – Axe
    Kasperi x Roselli – Axe