ORIGINALS: Whitetail Fold Top - Blueberry and Brown

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About Kasperi Originals

Kasperi Originals are the first and sometimes the only items of their kind. They are items with a meaningful history. They are items with a certain significance.

We dream of a world where all types of items are used for life and cherished. A world where memories and stories connect to the things we own and use. A world where those stories get passed on together with the things. A world where things are valued for the memories they create. Kasperi Originals is an ode to that world.

Sometimes they are the first pieces of a classic batch, used and tested hard. Sometimes they are untouched experiments. Sometimes they've been around and seen the world. Sometimes they are the markers of a milestone.

Kasperi Originals are pieces, made to be used, cherished, and passed on for generations.

About the Blueberry and Brown Whitetail 

In the spring of 2020, we made the first whitetail deer pack, the numbered and limited moss green Specials S.03. That pack blew us away with its popularity and thus we brought that back as the moss green whitetail Fold Top. In the midst of experimenting out different recipes for tanning the whitetail leather, we created a one-of-a-kind Fold Top out of blueberry blue whitetail leather, along with the sturdy bovine leather from SOHRE tannery in Germany. 

Mustikka is the Finnish word for blueberry (Bilberry in North America), and it is one of the beloved berries of Finland. This superfood is not just full of nutrients but its juicy and slightly sour taste paired with a hint of sweetness makes for an addictive balance of flavors. No wonder then that picking berries is a favourite pastime up here in the north. Inspired by the dark and deep shade of blue, we made a one-off blueberry and brown Fold Top. And now it's time for sending it out to the world. The blueberry hue paired with the whitetail deer leather makes for an organic combination that's at home whether on the trail picking berries, at the cabin on a getaway weekend, or traveling the world. 

The Fold Top is our most popular best-selling product and it turns heads wherever we go. As a product that lasts a lifetime, it is an investment that only gets better, more sustainable, and affordable with time. Stylish for city use. Sturdy for forest hiking. Easily big enough for a weekend trip. Compact to carry on as cabin luggage. Its ergonomics are designed to keep it comfortable even after full days of carrying heavier loads. It might just be the last backpack you’ll ever need.

A detachable computer sleeve is included. The sleeve attaches only at the top to let the bag conform to the shape of your back. It also works as padding when the bag is packed full. The bag has six external attachment points for external gear like camera tripods, fishing rods, or camping gear.

Premium ecological Whitetail leather custom-developed for Kasperi 

In the 1930s, a couple of Whitetails were brought to Finland by Finnish expatriates from Minnesota, USA. One thing led to another and the population exploded to over 100 000 Whitetails today with the population doubling every 10 years or so. With over 50 000 deers hunted yearly, we've decided to make a backpack, perhaps the best one we've ever made, out of the otherwise doomed-to-waste Whitetail skins. 

Ahlskog tannery has set up a process of tanning Whitetail deer skins. They designed a Whitetail leather tanning recipe from the ground up for Kasperi, which matches our strict requirements of premium, vegetable-tanned, weather-resistant, and ecological leather. As a natural material of a whitetail deer marks, scars, insect bites are a part of the story and character of this pack. The Whitetail has a waxed surface to further waterproof it and is supple and a tad lighter, making it a perfect match for our Fold-top. 

The Whitetail can provide a sustainable, local supply of ecological leather that has some of the best properties out there. That’s also why we are creating products out of it. Local supplies make streamline supply chains and create local jobs.  Using the whitetail also makes use of a material that would otherwise be doomed for waste. Read more about the Whitetail deer leather here.


  • One outer pocket for smaller items.

  • 60 mm wide ergonomically designed shoulder straps.

  • Handle.

  • Includes detachable laptop computer sleeve up to 15” laptops.

  • Place for rear bicycle light.

  • Additional strap for maximum over packing.

  • D-ring key loop inside.

  • Special KASPERI stainless steel buckle.

  • Six attachment points for utility straps.


Outdoor, travel, urban


Made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. The frame of the bag is made of german SOHRE tannery’s excellent bovine leather and the folding part is made of Finnish Ahlskog Tannerys vegetable-tanned and waxed blueberry blue Finnish Whitetail deer that is customized for Kasperi products.

Inside dimensions

Width 30 cm, Height 35–55 cm, Depth 16 cm.


27 liters


Hand made in Finland

ORIGINALS: Whitetail Fold Top - Blueberry and Brown
ORIGINALS: Whitetail Fold Top - Blueberry and Brown
ORIGINALS: Whitetail Fold Top - Blueberry and Brown
ORIGINALS: Whitetail Fold Top - Blueberry and Brown
ORIGINALS: Whitetail Fold Top - Blueberry and Brown
ORIGINALS: Whitetail Fold Top - Blueberry and Brown