KASPERI Rental - Try before you buy

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All brands have a responsibility to help their customers make more deliberate and sustainable purchases. Buying products makes sense only if you know they will be used and will last.

That's why we're launching a voucher for all renters! With the voucher, you get the value of your rent back as a discount code.

You can use the voucher for buying anything in our shop. We want to encourage more people to try before they buy, and to make more deliberate purchases.

• The service gives you a chance to test the KASPERI bag over a one-week period.

• The rental price is 25 € / week for each model.

• The rental period is one week.

• You can change between different models during the one-week rental period. So that they can find the right fitting model

• Rental models are: Fold Top, Backpack Large, Backpack Small, Pelago Shoulder Bag Large, Pelago Shoulder Bag Small

• Voucher of the same value included in each rental for future Kasperi purchases

Rental bags are available:

in Helsinki at KASPERI Studio, Vanha talvitie 11 A. 2nd floor, 00580 H:ki. Please call or email beforehand!

KASPERI Rental - Try before you buy