Black Large Backpack

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Include Laptop Sleeve
Include Leather Wax

The Large Backpack is back in Black. Now refined with an even higher level of finishing and made in sturdy SOHRE tanneries saddle leather, the Large Backpack is better than ever.  

The Large Backpack is a comfortable companion that'll follow you for life. Carry your life with ease and focus on your aspirations, living life to the fullest.

The Large Backpack is a great choice whether you're looking to leisurely explore or observe urban spaces, roam your playground, or go on weekend getaways. This backpack not only looks great but will last for life – joining your journey over the decades ahead.

Handcrafted in Finland from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, this is an item for those who appreciate lasting items, timeless design, quality craftsmanship, and versatility.

Its slim design and sturdy back structure make it an excellent choice for use in the city. Yet the ability to overpack allows it to carry your essentials for a trip to the cabin or beyond. You will most likely live out of this pack for the foreseeable future.

Why this pack?


  • Made for urban life with a slim profile.
  • Outstanding comfort as the leather conforms to your body over time.
  • Timeless design that builds character over time as the leathers patinates.
  • Handcrafted in Finland with a passion for quality by our friends.
  • Engineered for repairability with strong materials that make repairs possible.
  • Built to last to leave something for the next generations.


  • One protected outer pocket for smaller items
  • 50mm wide and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Carrying Handle for easy carrying in trains, planes, and buses
  • Optional Detachable laptop sleeve  for up to 16" laptops or documents
  • Accessory loop for clip-on rear bicycle light
  • Adjustable capacity with three G-buckle attachment points.
  • Attachment points for utility straps integrated into the G-buckle attachment point loops.

Materials and origins

    • Cutting and sowing: Handcrafted in Finland
    • Leather: Sturdy SOHRE tannery’s European vegetable-tanned bovine saddle leather
    • Laptop sleeve: Recycled PET felt – made in Finland
    • G-buckles: Marine-grade stainless AISI 316 steel – laser cut in Finland
    • Roller buckles: Chromed steel – Sweden
    • Yarn: Waxed polyester yarn – Italy
    • Rivets: Copper-plated steel – Italy

    Inside dimensions

    Main compartment: Width 30cm, Height 35–48 cm, Depth 13cm

    Felt Sleeve: Width 29cm, Height 33cm, Depth 3cm


    14-19 liters


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    Care and repairs

    How should I care for my leather backpack?

    You can start using your backpack straight out of the box. Leather works well even in bad weather conditions, and getting wet is fine as long as it is properly cared for. Of course the harder use, the faster patina, but that only ads character to the pack. 

    Treat with wax every 4-6 months or when the leather feels like it's drying, treat lightly with wax. Wipe the leather to clean it. With a cloth spread a thin layer of wax on the leather. Allow the wax to permeate overnight and then polish the remainders off with a cotton or wool cloth. The scent of tar will fade away in a couple of days, if a lot of wax is applied, this will take longer. 

    We recommend using natural products like bees wax based products or natural oils. Synthetic leather protection can block the pores of the leather. This will reduce the leather's ability to absorb wax and oils - ultimately reducing the lifespan of the backpack.

    How long is the break-in period of the leather backpack?

    We believe that leather is the best material for backpacks because it conforms to our bodies over time and can last for decades while remaining in good condition.

    Like all high-quality leather goods, Kasperi backpacks also have a break-in period. It will take a couple of weeks of active use for the shoulder straps to start forming to your body. If you experience any pressure points, squeeze the straps lightly with your hands from the pressure points to help it form faster.

    Closing and opening the G-buckles is also stiff at first but as the leather loops softens and form over time it will become fluid.

    With proper care and use, these packs develop a unique patina and become more personal by the day.

    What about repairs?

    We believe in the “right to repair”. Every aspect from structures to material thicknesses are considered for repairability. Because our bags are designed to last for decades, it is inevitable that they will require servicing at some point. The hardest-wearing parts like the shoulder straps are made from 3mm leather so that they will last for decades of use.

    The hardest-wearing parts (i.e. shoulder straps) are made from 3mm leather for longevity and the whole structure is designed with serviceability in mind.
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack
    Black Large Backpack

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Lennart Ginman
    Greatest back pack I have ever owned!

    I simply love my Large Backpack! The quality, the smell, the look and the overall feeling of this masterpiece is simply great. I know it is not cheap but compared to all the other bags I have owned; this is simply the best og them all.

    Loistava reppu

    Reppu istuu erittäin mukavasti selässä, vaikka se olisi aivan täyteen pakattu. On kulkenut minulla mukana talven yli Lapissa ajoittain hyvinkin vaativissa olosuhteissa, eikä osoita kulumisen merkkejä. Muutamalla lisähihnalla reppuun saa ulkopuolelle kiinni vaikka teltan ja makuupussin, ja olen sen kanssa tehnyt yhden ja kahden yön mittaisia patikoita sekä päiväretkiä. Hinta on toki kova, mutta kun kotimaisuus ja laatu (ja tyyli!) kohtaavat, sille on myös vastinetta. Lisäpisteet Kasperille ystävällisestä ja ammattitaitoisesta palvelusta.

    Timo Muttonen
    Oikea koko, hyvä kantaa ja kestävä

    Minulla on myös olkalaukku, mutta hankin repun jotta kantamukset ovat tasapainoisemmin selässä. Toimistoni mahtuu reppuun vallan mainiosti ja repun paino jakautuu hyvin koko selälle. Reppu on loppuelämäni ostos. Huoltaminen on helppoa, se kestää hyvin säätä ja kulutusta sekä on hemmetin kaunis.
    Käytän sitä joskus päiväretkilläni. Parilla lisähihnalla siihen saa kiinni tarvikkeita.

    Henrique Merisalo
    Pure love

    Great handcrafted backpack. I've owned one for couple o years... Not a single problem! I use it everyday for work, in the Forrest, travel. Now it's more beautiful then ever.....
    Thank you Kasperi ♥️

    Kasperi for the rest of my life

    Rahanarvoinen hankinta! Ostin reppuni lähes vuosi sitten ja se on vain parantunut ajan saatossa. Tämä on toistaiseksi ainoa, joka ei valu hartioilta, päinvastoin; reppu on muokkautunut vartalooni. Laukkuosa on säilynyt ryhdikkäänä ja jopa ajattelen että saisi patinoitua nopeammin. Repun ulkoasu on tyylikäs ja profiililtaan "slim fit". Silti sisus on hämmentävän tilava; sinne uppoaa työssäkäyvän perheenäidin tietokone ja tutkimuspaperit, lounaseväät ja urheiluvaatteet sekä kotimatkalla muutama litra maitoa, nippu banaaneja ja kilo perunoita. Lisäksi hyvä omatunto tulee repun eettisestä alkuperästä ja kotimaisuudesta.